open your overseas account after poor credit record

Has your bank account been frozen or suspended? Or perhaps you’ve been refused an account due to your poor credit record? will help you to open an account.

A current account after poor credit record, is it possible?

How is it possible to open a current account and hold a Visa card with a bad credit score?

Does it feel as if all financial doors are shut to you  ? Your withdrawls and other transactions are constrained ? Your salary barely covers your overdraft and you feel as if you’re being held on an impossibly tight leash due to your poor credit rating !

You want to regain a normal life, but your bad credit score means the banking world is no longer interested in you. You aren’t alone . . .

Understand that credit restrictions by UK banks are just that – they don’t apply in the same way outside your country.

How can guarantee an account and a VISA card  ? As a financial services broker for over 12 years, will represent you with the big international banks. This exclusive partnership with overseas organisations allows you to open a bank account in complete discretion and without constraint. Forget your bad credit rating and get back your banking freedom in only 7 days !


open an account after being banned from banking

Receive your income on your new account

Have your salary, pension or other income paid directly to your overseas account. Profit from European legislation and finally turn it to your advantage.

The confidentiality of your account

We guarantee anonymity, which means that only you will know of the existence of your overseas account. Your money will be protected and all your transactions will be secure.

Put an end to Third Party Debt Orders and the like

Orders and restrictions against you only apply in the UK. Fines, taxes, a divorce dispute . . . don’t let anyone touch your money..

You get up every morning to go to work and at the end of the month you can’t use your salary because it disappears to pay debts and a variety of deductions. Put an end to poor credit scores and administrative supervision and regain freedom., banking services broker, will open your new account in less than 7 days. ONE WEEK TO FREEDOM !!!

How does the bank account work and what are the costs ?

Your account is managed online. Your transactions are made by internet, telephone or fax and completed within the day. No need to queue at the Post Office for a bank transaction. See our Personal Bank charges to learn the costs of your account.

International Bank Cards

You’d like to get out your payment card in a restaurant to treat your friends again … a new gold or Platinum Visa/Mastercard is possible  ! Visit our Bank Cards page page or ring us at 020 7048 38 63.

Simple and rapid bank account opening for those subject to banking/credit restrictions – at last a bank for everyone !

During our telephone interview, we’ll complete your file together ready for one of our banking partners to open your account. You’ll receive your necessary Bank Details as soon as the account is open and then you’ll be able to make direct transfers from your home by connecting to your online bank account.

To open your overseas account, click on the button below. Once the form is completed, you’ll be redirected to our online payment platform to pay for the personalised handling costs.


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