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You’d like to open an account in Switzerland, in Luxembourg or another country, and you’ve questions ?

Must I travel ? Any natural or legal person has the right to open an overseas bank account. There’s no need to travel to the chosen country to open an account with a bank : that’s our field of expertise..

How do I open my account?

Simply gather up your residence and identity proofs and get in touch.

Our staff are trained to answer all your queries and to relieve your anxtieties. You’ll be looked after from start to finish . . . from defining your needs to the arrival of your bank card.

Indeed our service goes way beyond the simple completion of the offshore bank account inscription, it’s a genuine dialogue to understand your motivations and needs in the long term


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Put your trust in the Leader for opening overseas accounts !

Bank-Solution.co.uk is a team of 17 European collaborators, 12 years’ experience and over 12 000 accounts opened in almost 35 countries worldwide..

A Free Visa/Mastercard

Your international Visa/mastercard is free when you open an overseas account. You can do your everyday spending, make cash withdrawals, and shop both online and in person. The only maximum limit on your payments is the amount available in your card account.

Our secret is our financial expertise

Our team is made up of tax specialists, bankers and lawyers. We know the international banking system and we’ve chosen to help you to profit from our expertise..

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