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How do I open an overseas bank account from UK?

Opening an offshore bank account has never been simpler than with Bank Solution.

To benefit from our help, simply gather up your proof of identity and two bills in your name, scroll to the bottom of this page and click the button.

We’ll deal with everything. Thanks to Bank Solution, there’s no need to travel to the country in which you choose to open your overseas account.

Amazing and above all legal!

There’s no limit or question to your liberty to place your money as you see fit. Opening an offshore account is 100% legal, as long as you declare it to your relevant tax authorities.

What are the benefits of an offshore account?



offshore bank account


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Bank-Solution.co.uk offers all the benefits of a powerful international banking network; your accounts will be multi-currency without additional cost and your transfers will be completed the same day. Your responsive and professional new banker is only 3 clicks away and is waiting for you now. . .


Open your offshore bank account today. Click on the button below to benefit from our offer of help and introduction to our international network of over 25 banks :



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