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What is e-commerce ?

E-commerce is the exchange of goods and services between two parties via computer networks, usually the Internet. E-commerce transactions are currently growing exponentially on mobile phone networks (m-commerce).

Companies may use e-commerce as their main sales impetus or they may use it to create a supplement to turnover. For instance a high street shop increases its sales by providing online shopping as well.

Your online shop can be created throughout the world. You’ll wish to keep down transport costs and to consider the local tax regime when you decide where to base yourself. Therefore your choice of jurisdiction will be strategically dependent upon the location of your suppliers or clientele.

Whenever a transaction is made, it will come under the laws controlling mail order shopping.

International mail order contracts :

Merchant contracts give a company selling remotely, the ability to set up instant bank card payment on their website, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In setting up this secure payment provision, you give your bank the power to accept card payments from your clients on your retail website. Merchant card accounts can create a very real supplementary income opportunity for your company in various fields of activity :

  • Electronic equipment and accessories
  • e-books and Internet services
  • selling clothes
  • website hosting
  • software sales
  • other services and products

You receive the merchant card payments on your business bank account. They can also come via other linked-in professional accounts such as Paypal, WebMoney, MoneyBooker, etc.

You will see an instant reduction in your salary expenses because of the automation (complying with the European Union international standards on bank account identification). The cheaper costs of online advertising will further shrink your business costs.


The world market is changing. Consumers and businesses are steadily turning toward the internet. Purchasers can compare prices easily and go for the best offer. The benefits of a merchant card account to make your e-commerce competitive are:

  • Your e-business is open 24/7 and you have the potential to expand and reach out to an international audience.
  • Secure processing of transactions : the bank assures safe payment on-line by directing the client to their secure server. After each payment gateway transaction, you’ll receive a notification and a guarantee of the transfer of funds to your company bank account.
  • Benefit from the advantages of your company bank account (with remote access) for all your transactions : bank cards, multi- currency account, on-line banking.
  • You can use your business account for your Ebay outlet, and other accounts such as PayPal, MoneyBooker , Webmoney, etc.

Remote selling contracts are hard to obtain. If you’re just launching your venture, the chances of getting a remote selling contract are slim. We can help you to obtain this vital facility with our partners so that you can accept card payments on your website, by telephone and so on. Do get in touch and we’ll be happy to help you in applying for a payment gateway.

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