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Banned/suspended from banking in UK? No worries, there is a solution!

Banned from banking in UK but not overseas!

We can’t deny the existence of the economic crisis. Thousands of people have lost their work and and then quickly find themselves submerged by debt, writing cheques without funds and eventually may be denied credit or banking facilities in their own country because they’ve been unable to honour their payment deadlines.

It’s a hellish downward spiral : how can you live in today’s world without a bank card or cheque book and with only very restricted cash withdrawal facilities ? It’s almost impossible !

And that’s without considering the disapproving frowns of others . . .

However, there are some tricks for living a normal daily life even under these circumstances : use the less restrictive legislation of certain other European countries and their banks.

Regain your spending freedom by opening an offshore bank account! can improve your daily life and save you from needless worry. It’s true ! The reliability of our service has been well tried and tested over the years and we guarantee you immediate banking facilities and an international Visa/Mastercard within 7 days.


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You’re just 7 days from regaining your purchasing power if you entrust Bank Solution with the opening of your overseas bank account ! During our telephone interview, we’ll complete your file together ready for one of our banking partners to open your account. You’ll receive your necessary Bank Details as soon as the account is open and then you’ll be able to make direct transfers from your home by connecting to your online bank account.

To open your overseas account, click on the button below. Once the form is completed, you’ll be redirected to our online payment platform to pay for the personalised handling costs.


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